Toughened Glass Garage Doors

Check out our Glasslite design!!! It is made of 5-6mm super-grey toughened glass panels face fixed to our custom design ‘Built in Truss’ frame.

It is an elegant and attractive garage door designed to impress. From the road it seems like you are looking at a ‘black mirror’. The Glasslite can also have timber or powder-coated aluminium frame all around the door to match existing framed windows in the property.


The design is suitable for garages with minimum or without natural light to minimise garage door frame to be seen from the outside. For those who prefer lighter or brighter colours there is an option to use Glass Splashback colours on your garage door panels as opposed to Super-Grey.

For more information on our Glasslite design please contact Danmar Garage Doors on 1300 302 988 or