Danmar Garage Door Designs

Danmar Timber Colours

These Colour samples are a small snap shot of how the natural colour of the timber changes with an application of stains.

It must be accepted that timber is a natural product featuring considerable natural colour variation so the end result can be different to that of the sample.

If colour matching is imperative it is strongly recommended that we supply the garage door RAW and client to organise a third party painter to finish the job on site.

Colours: Fully Sealed Danmar Clear; Fully Sealed Danmar Hemlock (Dark Oak), Fully Sealed Danmar Walnut, Fully Sealed Danmar Jarrah (Rosewood), Fully Sealed Danmar Ebony, Oiled Danmar Clear, Oiled Danmar Sela Brown and Oiled Danmar Black Ash.

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