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Side Sliding Sectional Door by Danmar Doors WA

This is the most innovative mechanism incorporated to the Danmar range. It focus on vertical garage door panel designs, garage openings with limited headroom, cleaner interior and more. It can also be used on extra-wide openings using 2 doors (from each side of the opening) meeting one another. This setup can be viewed to our Showroom in Wangara on Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.


Aluminium has become a popular material used to manufacture garage doors due to its lighter weight and low volatility to weather and environment conditions. Aluminium garage doors will give your home bright and inviting finish with a touch of sophistication. Danmar Doors supplies residential and commercial properties in Perth and all major cities in Australia with a vast range of aluminium garage doors to suit most architectural styles.

Offering a vast selection of designs 

What sets Danmar apart from other manufacturers and garage door suppliers is our dedication to create and recreate a wide selection of styles that fall under our aluminium range. With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise, we are able to manufacture the most suitable garage door design to your property. Our aluminium garage door standard range include:

Trust the professionals 

The team at Danmar Door have years of experience in providing high quality aluminium garage doors. We understand our client’s needs and requirements for having a highly functioning and effective system for their garage, and can customise the service to meet those requirements. 

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