Aluminium Composite – Folded Edges

What’s new? Aluminium composite garage doors with folded edges.

At Danmar Garage Doors we are always striving to provide the best quality and value for money garage doors. When choosing an ali composite garage door design it is important to be aware of a few manufacturing details which can make a big difference on the final product. Such as:

  • The quality of the aluminium composite material. Its overall thickness as well as how thick the aluminium component is.
  • In regards to the negative detail, find out if the whole frame is powder coated or only the rebates are painted.
  • And most importantly, find out if the manufacturer offers aluminium composite with folded edges or only with exposed raw edges.

At Danmar Garage Doors we offer them all which puts us 1 step ahead of industry competitors and compliant with specific product recommendations.

The issue of not having the edges folded is that RAW aluminium gets exposed to the weather and surroundings making the product prone to electrolyses. Moreover, aluminium composite manufacturers do not warrant the product unless all edges are folded.

Folded edges - Ali composite

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