Garage Door Refurbish

Danmar Garage Doors has been manufacturing custom garage doors for 30 years. We also refurbish and service our garage doors.

Is your Cedar garage door looking dull, or is the varnish peeling and cracking?  Don’t let a prominent feature of your house bring its appearance down.  Danmar Garage Doors can return your timber garage door to its original beauty, improving the value of your home by enhancing its street appeal.  We can secure your garage by boarding up the entrance before taking the door back to our factory for restoration. 


If your door’s coat is dull but not cracked we can restore it on site or sell you the product to do it yourself.



If you’re thinking about selling your house, refurbishing your timber garage door may be the most effective  way to improve your home’s street appeal and enhance its overall value.  Even when you plan to stay in your house for many years, refurbishing your timber garage door is the smart option.  If its surface is beginning  to look weathered, re-sealing it now may proviron pills save you from a bigger job later. The end product is a door that looks like new, at much less than replacement cost.If looked after timber will outlast any other product.


For hands-on clients: Danmar Doors can also advise how to maintain your refurbished garage door’s new looks for many years.

If you prefer to leave the hard work to expert hands:  Danmar Doors offers the option of a yearly maintenance coat & mechanical service in one trip to your home for a very competitive rate.