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OMG! What to do now?

If you have ever encountered yourself in a similar situation, do not panic. Danmar Doors WA is ready to assist you. Believe it or not, accidents like this are more common than you can imagine and they are part of our daily work. Your safety is our concern and we will act promptly. The following steps will give you a clear scope on what steps to follow to have it rectified:

  • Contact Danmar Doors WA on 08 9309 6111 and advise our friendly team of the incident;
  • We will then allocate the job to our closest service technician;
  • Our technician will attend to your property and make it secure. This will be our first priority;
  • We will then provide you with a like for like quote so you can present it to your insurance provider;
  • As soon as the quote is accepted we will proceed with the repair/replacement

At Danmar Doors we make it happen!