Translucent Garage Door Panels

If you are looking for a garage door that not only compliments your home design but also allows natural light inside the garage you must check Danmar Garage Doors Clearlite, Twinlite, Multilite and Timberlite designs.

With a great variety of insert colours such as Clear, Opal, Ice, Metallic, Bronze and Grey Tint your garage door can be either completely see-through or not whilst allowing some degree of natural light into the garage.

3 twinlite full length opal The inserts are ‘flush fitted’ into our exclusive B.I.T. (built in truss) Frame. Although, the number of panels or horizontal frame lines are determined by the height of the door, our clients can choose the number of vertical lines that best suit their homes and like without any extra charge.

For more information on our translucent garage doors please contact Danmar Doors on 1300 302 988 or at